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The Ghost: A Cultural History

The continuing popularity of ghosts in literature, art, folklore and film is testament to their continuing power to intrigue, terrify and inspire. Moving chronologically from medieval times to today, this new cultural history of the ghost includes a wide range of writers and artists including Hogarth, Blake, Rossetti, Shakespeare, Pepys, Shelley, and Dickens. Contemporary figures such as Muriel Spark, Hilary Mantel, and Jeremy Deller are also featured as our conceptions of ghosts and their connections to the conventions and belief of each separate era are explored. From the marauding undead of the Middle Ages, to the psychologically charged spectres of today, this is the perfect book to curl up with on a dark winter's night.

  • Paperback.
  • 288 pages.
  • Includes 70 black and white illustrations.
  • Measures 9.2" x 6.1"